Methods and techniques for analyzing mycotoxins in food samples using HPLC and UPLC devices

Number of Days:
5 Days



Number of Days:
5 Days

Program Content:

  • Introduction to mycotoxins (sources – toxicology – Regulations).
  • Preparation of standard mycotoxin solutions.
  • Standard methods for sample preparation in order to evaluate the mycotoxins
  • Techniques for identifying mycotoxins (HPLC and UPLC liquid chromatography devices)
  • Method for analysis and determination of mycotoxins in food samples
  • Organization and management of quality control according to ISO 17025 standards.
  • Internal quality control methods for analytical procedures.

By the end of the training, you will have:

  • A comprehensive overview of the international legislation on mycotoxins in food samples.
  • Dealing with precise, standard examination methods used within the accredited laboratories
  • Dealing with a group of experts working in the laboratory. In which this group is trained at the highest level on the latest international standard equipment and techniques in the areas of analysis, monitoring, and quality assurance of tests analyzed.