About Marketing

  • The Marketing Department is coordinating, cooperating with and providing services to producers, exporters as well as importers in order to develop competitiveness, promote agricultural exports, publish lab services and market them through the following:
  • Concluding cooperation protocols and signing contracts with various parties in the field of food producers, exporters, manufacturers and food importers such as:


  • Board of Agricultural Crops Export
  • Chamber of Food Industries
  • Egyptian Center for Organic Agriculture
  • Board of Food Industries Export
  • Union of Producers and Exporters of Horticulture Crops (UPEHC)
  • Association of Olive Manufacturers, Exporters and Cultivators
  • Cairo University Center for Limiting Environmental Risks
  • Horticultural Exports Development Association (HEIA)

– Signing contracts with customers at special prices
– Providing special offers permanently for all laboratory clients
– Ongoing study of the market to overview needs of the market and access ways of lab development in order to meet different market needs
– Supervising the laboratory’s means of social communication, such as: YouTube, Facebook and the lab website
– Issuing a periodic official magazine of the lab
– Participating in local and international exhibitions and conferences for their importance in spreading the laboratory services
– Organizing and supervising the lab’s annual conference.

  • Procedure for benefiting from analytical laboratory services at special prices for members of organizations affiliated to protocols of cooperation:

The member must have renewed his membership in his own organization
The member must obtain a letter addressed from this organization to the lab stating the annual renewal of his membership
Upon submitting this letter to the lab, the member gets immediately the analytical services at discounted prices according to protocols of cooperation.

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