Quality Policy

  • National program for testing percentages of chemical, biological and microbial pollutants in various domestic markets.

The laboratory investigates pollutants of various Egyptian governorates throughout the year including all agricultural seasons. The program offers concerned officials annual reports on pollution levels based on the results of its analyses. These results illustrate the situation of contaminated food in domestic markets.

In case of any suspected danger, instant decisions must be taken in order to protect both the Egyptian consumer and the Egyptian environment based on the results of such internationally accredited analyses. Thus the broad base of consumers acquire confidence in hygienic and safe food and agricultural products in Egypt.

  • Certificate of accreditation:

  • The Laboratory has been awarded the International Accreditation Certificate since 1996 by the Finnish branch (FINAS) of the European Accreditation Centre for Laboratories in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.
  • The Lab undergoes annual inspection by auditors to verify the efficiency of the quality system for all approved methods of analyses in order to maintain the accreditation.
  • This certificate ranks lab results among other international accredited laboratories.
  • Certified analysis methods exceed the number of 41 analysis methods.


  • Efficiency tests:

  • The Laboratory participated successfully in the program of efficiency tests with the European Union for the second year.
  • Also, the Laboratory participated successfully, as a member, with the German organization (QS) which monitors imported goods into Germany and which issues approvals for reliable laboratories in that domain.
  • The laboratory participates in efficiency tests with the most famous international organization (FAPAS) in England, which is one of the most important essentials to International Accreditation.


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