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Mohamed M. Salem, M. Sc. is the Executive Director since Aug. 2010; he is responsible for Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Operations. He was the Projects Director 2004-2010, during which he managed the team of projects managers.

He participated in various projects as Project Manager 1993-2001 during the pre-design, design, procurement, & construction phases for various heavy industrial plants, educational projects, administration buildings & health care centers.His tasks included participation in Master Planning for industrial projects, Design Management, Coordination, procurement, Tender Documentation & Evaluation, and Construction Management.

He also participated in planning & construction of various projects related to military production industries. His experience included the planning for ammunition production facilities, hazards classification, and protection during handling, storing, testing of ammunitions & explosive facilities.

He was acting as Vice President of FCIC 2012 till 2016, Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries Islamic Development Bank.

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