Executive BoardOperation Directors

Dr. Nabawy Hamed Gareeb is Board Member for Technical affairs. He was the head of DesignsDepartment 2005-2016. He was the head of structural design section 1994- 2005, Senior Designer, 1984-1994 and structural design engineer 1980-1984.

He joined CEGMAN since 1980, during which he got the Ph.D. of Structural Engineering at 1994, Cairo University.

His experience record along more than 30 years includes sharing the structural design, reviewing the structural design documents for many projects assigned by CEGMAN; in addition, he participated in supervising the construction of many of these projects.

At the same time, his work as an associate professor in structural department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, (1980 – present), beside his professional work at Concrete Research Laboratory, allowed him to participate in structural excremental and loading tests for series of bridges, structures during which he combined the academic experimental studies with gained knowledge as a structural designer.

During the last 6 years, he organizes, monitors, and directs the multi-discipline design activities in CEGMAN.

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